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It's been speculation after speculation for DC's biggest gamble Batman vs. Superman about who will be the main villain and who will make an appearance. The big rumor that was going around last year was the Scoot McNairy would be playing Metallo. This started stirring up after the set picture where Scoot was wearing some green socks that came up to his knees. The big question was, why would he need to green screen them?

Scoot McNairy has given a little bit more insight into who he possibly could be playing in the movie! Well, he kinda did, or maybe he just confused us more. Here's what he had to say about the role in USA TODAY:

"It’s definitely 100% a character I’ve never played and I can’t speak too freely on it, but yeah, getting into that thing was definitely something I had to wrap my head around emotionally in order to play that character. But with that being said, I had a lot of fun doing it when I was in the process of shooting on it — my head was in a different place but I’m really excited to see how it turns out and what they do with it and see the film."

It sounds like McNairy might be playing a villain for the upcoming movie to me. I mean he's saying it's a character that he had to get his "head around emotionally." The main villain I think McNairy could be is Metallo, for many reasons and I also wrote and article about it here. I would really love to see him playing Metallo because he could be someone who lost his legs during the Superman and Zod fight. He could be holding that grudge against Superman which would make a great story because Metallo would be a product of Superman. Whatever the case is, I'm pretty excited to hear the excitement from McNairy.

This makes me anticipate the movie more and more. What do you think about McNairy playing Metallo? Comment Below!


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Who Do You Think Scoot McNairy Is Playing?


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