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Okay now i'm sure by now we are all aware of the comic book movie and TV show craze going on about now. we have and Marvel Cinematic Universe and soon we'll see one from DC. DC is however ruling another medium for comic books and that is TV. with The Flash and Arrow on CW and Gotham on Fox soon to be Supergirl on CBS which is supposedly set in the Arrow/Flash Universe and also a Teen Titans show on TNT. there are plenty more things in store on both side Marvel and DC but the reason I am writing this is because of the source material not the adaptations. Now there are a lot of comics and what now but if you want to learn more about a character if you just cant wait a few years for another movie or wait through until next season to see more of the Flash. well maybe you should read a comic book. Comics now come out once a month and cost between 1.99-4.99 now that can get a bit pricey and if you want to read a famous story like the death of superman or the dark knight returns it can cost quite a bit more. now don't worry there is this thing today called the internet and on the internet you can buy digital comics. in fact not only can you buy them but there are quit a few comics you can download and read for free. I just recently downloaded the DC comics app and was looking at Batman Comics and I found the Detective Comics 27 the first appearance of the Batman is available for free to download and read and many other comics like detective comics 38 the first appearance of Dick Grayson as Robin are 99 cents. If you have ever considered reading comic books please download the DC or Marvel comics app and download some free comics try them out.


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