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In this Article, I will Be Breaking down The Possibilities of who will be The Reverse Flash! Now on Each character there might be and might not be information of the character, since they haven't been introduced in the show. I recommend watching the flash before reading this article. So lets begin:

Dr. Harrison Wells

Dr. Harrison Wells
Dr. Harrison Wells

All We Know About Dr. Harrison Wells is That Hes From The future Or at least he can see the future. Right When The Particle Accelerator Started the explosion Wells went down and in an secret doorway which we have no idea what it is. He Goes in it and watches a video where Barry is being watched while he was struck by lightning. So This Shows That He needs TO Be The Reverse Flash or at least he needs someone to Be reverse flash. In Episode 9 (The Man In The Yellow Suit) Harrison himself is being beaten up by The Reverse Flash. So basically he cant be the reverse flash right? WRONG! Harrison Then Goes back to the secret doorway and then he wears the flash Ring And Then....A Glass Case Containing the Reverse flash suit. Now I'm not Saying Harrison wells is reverse flash but its possible that he is.

  • Eddie Thawne

So Before I Explain who Is He And What MAkes Him to be Reverse Flash I Recommend Watching this Video (all of It).

As You see in the video Reverse Flash attacks Joe But Not Eddie. Now Before i explain why, Let me Tell you that One Of The Reverse Flash's Name is Eobard THAWNE. Eddie's full name IS Eddie Thawne. U see The relation. Now Before the ending of episode 9, Cisco told Joe that When The Flash And Reverse Flash Were Fighting There Was Yellow And Red Lightning just like the night of Nora Allen's Murder. So what i conclude is that Eddie Wanted revenge on Barry in the future, so he thought giving some depression to Barry will make him Stronger and feel what its like to have a Faithful Loss. Now What Eddie is describing is that When Barry Married (in Future) Iris West The Love of Eddie, He Thought Killing his Mom Will Make Barry sorry, so Eddie Goes Back To The Past and Kills His Mom but while doing so Barry also goes at the past and fails to save his mom which results in Yellow And Red Lightning.

  • Iris West's Brother Danny West

Iris West's younger brother. Previously a small time crook, he was arrested by [The Flash](series:1068303) when both were starting their careers; years later, he was released under parole, claiming to be a different, better man. However, he became the super villain known as Reverse-Flash, hunting down and killing everyone who came into contact with the Speed Force. We are yet not introduced to Danny West but he might appear in the show.

So Guys this is it, hope you enjoyed my "Little Theory". Share it Please This is my third article. BAI!!!!


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