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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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In 1960, a group of young attractive young teens were murdered by the side of a beautiful, remote lake. Sound familiar? 20 years before Friday 13th slashed its way into cinemas, an eerily similar real life case took place on the other side of the world...

Lake Bodom, Finland. The date was June 5, 1960

An eerie calm on Lake Bodom, Finland
An eerie calm on Lake Bodom, Finland

Four teenagers were camping by the idyllic lakeside. In the early hours of the morning, three of them were viciously knifed to death, leaving one survivor - 18-year-old Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, who was not attacked with a blade. Gustafsson was found, bludgeoned, with facial fractures.

Many suspects were considered following the incident

The victims of the Bodom attack
The victims of the Bodom attack

Pauli Luoma, a runaway, had an alibi. Maintenance worker Pentti Soininen confessed to the crime, but was considered an unreliable psychopath, driven mad by drugs and alcohol addiction; he later killed himself in custody. A kiosk vendor, Valdemar Gyllström, also confessed to the murders, but no evidence was found. Gyllström drowned in the lake in 1969 - Lake Bodom claimed his life, too.

The area is still affected by the crime

One of the most outlandish theories is that the teenagers were stabbed to death by KGB spy Hans Assmann, who arrived at a hospital near Lake Bodom the day after the murders, covered in suspicious red stains.

Authorities even questioned the sole survivor Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson again - in 2004, 44 years after the murders. Modern DNA evidence was given, positing that Gustafsson had killed one of the girls in a jealous rage, before killing the others to cover up his crime. The courts could not reach a Guilty verdict, and he was acquitted in 2005.

The case remains unsolved...

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