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With the release of the first Ant-Man trailer a few weeks back, the superhero-ing world turned its eyes, albeit briefly, to the miniature hero with the mostest, and...wasn't all to sure what it was looking at.

In fact, it actually kind of seems like all that turmoil the movie went through last year with the departure of its original director, Edgar Wright, and the long search for his replacement, has left a lot of fans a little unclear as to just what to expect from the movie.

Will it, by virtue of its new - more comedic-leaning - director Peyton Reed, be a flat-out comedy? Will it match up to the high standards Marvel has so far set? Will anyone actually want to watch a whole movie about a guy hanging out with ants?

Well, I'll be honest with you, I'm pretty darned excited for the movie - and not only because it's from Marvel Studios (which, on its own, is more than enough to prod me into pulmonary palpitations...).

The reason?

We Might Just Already Know What Ant-Man's Biggest Superhero Cameo Is Set to Be...

And, well, it's a doozy...

A few weeks back, in his breakdown of all of the Ant-Man trailer's greatest Easter eggs, Moviepilot's own Reid Jones pointed out that the prison we see Paul Rudd's Scott Lang leaving might well be the same one we saw in the Marvel One Shot All Hail the King - in which we get another look at Ben Kingsley's Mandarin, this time in jail.

Meaning that this...

Could well actually be this...

And, while a cameo from one of Seagate's resident criminals - including, as All Hail the King revealed, Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer - would be neat, there's a superhero who got his start in Seagate too...

We Could Be About to See...Luke Cage

That's right - Luke Cage, the superhero who's soon set to headline his own Netlfix series (and to appear in this year's Jessica Jones series) - who, it just so happens, has a whole lot of history with Seagate prison.

Back in the day, Luke Cage spent a whole lot of time there - having been framed for a crime he didn't commit and wrongfully imprisoned. In fact, it's in prison that he gains his super-powers, undergoing a dangerous experiment that gives him super-powers.

And, as it happens, Marvel have already cast their Luke Cage - Mike Colter...

...and, with Jessica Jones (featuring Cage) not looking set to debut on Netflix until the autumn, that leaves Ant-Man with a whole lot of scope to feature a Cage cameo. Say, as a tough-as-nails inmate at Seagate who helps Scott Lang out of a jam at some point?

That, though, is ultimately still just speculation, right?

Well, yes - except for the fact that Edgar Wright - before he left the project - totally teased the fact that Luke Cage (and Iron Fist, for that matter) could end up in the final movie...

Now, that could all have changed since Reed took over, but the fact that the MCU has taken pains to introduce Seagate already - along with the potential marketing benefits of having a new Netflix star pop up in a major summer blockbuster - could well suggest we already know who our first Ant-Man superhero cameo will be...

What do you guys think, though? Who do you think we'll see cameo in Ant-Man?

We're dying to find out - so let us know at, and make yourself heard!



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