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Now, in just two short years, we'll finally get to see a Wonder Woman movie hit the big screen - and the hero herself is set to arrive in theaters next March, with the release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It has, though, been a long, long wait for fans of the Justice League-stalwart - and over the years many major industry figures have tried - and failed - to make a movie a reality.

And, now, increasingly-legendary comic-book writer Gail Simone has revealed a story about the horrible sadness that comes with that failure - one which just so happens to star a certain Joss Whedon.

Trust me...It's worth it...

Now, see, the thing is - Gail Simone is pretty darned awesome at the best of times, but when she's working on Wonder Woman, she's up there with some of the greats. I mean, did you see that animated Wonder Woman movie she co-wrote?

Long story short: It was awesome.
Long story short: It was awesome.

The point being, when Simone talks about the missed opportunity of getting to see Joss Whedon make a live-action Wonder Woman movie, she's speaking as one of the great writers of the character - and that just makes the fact that we'll never get to see it happen all the more depressing.

I mean, I'm still totally looking forward to the 2017 version - but even so: infinite sadness...

What do you guys think, though? What Wonder Woman movie would you have most liked to have seen?

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