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It seems that Disney's list of celebrated movies is endless and most of us think we know the classics back-to-front!

Yet, although Disney never disappoints us with its amazing releases, what about the ones that simply failed and never made it?

I've discovered some absolute gems from Disney's back catalogue that I never even knew existed. Here's my top pick of five movies that never saw the bright light of day:

1. Destino

Actually more of a short than an actual movie, Destino was a collaboration between Disney and artist Salvador Dali that began in 1945. Even though the project was going really well, it was abandoned due to financial problems. Half a decade later, the short was picked up again and finally finished. Sadly it was screened as a prelude to another film and never made it out in its own right. Still, it was nominated for the Best Animation Short Oscar in 2003 and you might also be able to spot it in the special feature release of Fantasia!

2. Chanticleer

Based on Edmond Rostand's French play Cyrano de Bergerac, Chanticleer follows an arrogant rooster living on a Parisian farm. As the leader of the other barnyard animals, he's so stupidly vain that he's convinced his crow is the reason the sun rises every single day. The movie was in development by Disney from the '40s all the way up to the mid '60s before it was abandoned. What a shame! This could have been a really funny addition.

3. The Gremlins

The Gremlins was a result of a short-lived partnership between the Disney team and Roald Dahl that was unfortunately never made. Based on the story of the same name, the plot follows a group of Gremlins who set out to sabotage the British Air Force's planes. Why? Well, because they are totally mad for being forced out of their homes by the construction of an airplane factory. Apparently, it was kind of a big deal back in the day and even though the movie never came out, Disney still illustrated Dahl's book and he appeared on a range of World War II insignia with his Gremlin creations. That's still pretty cool!

4. The 'Roger Rabbit' Sequel

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was HUGELY successful and it's no surprise that it went on to influence a further three shorts. Yet no matter how hard Disney tried, a full-length movie was actually never completed! Early tests (like the one above) just didn't run well enough and the estimated budget was enormous at $100 million!!! Rest assured however, recently they have been rumors floating around that a sequel is being discussed at Disney headquarters. Considering the amount of potential money that Roger Rabbit 2 could make, I think they would be silly not to go ahead with it! Watch this space!

5. Fraidy Cat

From the directors who brought us The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, Fraidy Cat is actually my personal favorite. The storyboard supposedly followed a cat who was a nervous wreck and spent its days trembling through a life of suspense. Reportedly he had already misplaced 3 of his 9 lives... The project was intended as a kid's comedy but with a more adult influence of Alfred Hitchcock's darker movies. I can't even begin to imagine how such a crazy mix would have turned out.

Clearly, due to financial difficulties or production issues, Disney had good reasons to pass on some of these projects. But how great would it be if these movies had also graced our screens?

I think Disney should reconsider, hurry up and release these fantastic projects.

What do YOU guys think?



Which movie would you guys like to see released officially?


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