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Sure, there are fans of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), and then there are fans of The Walking Dead. Are you a die hard deadhead or are you more of a casual viewer?

Take this quiz to see if you can match the Walking Dead scene to the season in which it happened. It won't be easy, but neither is surviving an apocalypse. Good luck:


1. When do we see this dog and little girl playing?

Answer: Season 3! At the beginning of episode 5 at Woodbury there was a barbecue in process and we saw this scene.


2. When do we meet these characters?

Answer: Season 1! In episode 4 we met the Vatos gang who actually turned out to be former nursing home employees trying to protect the elderly residents.


3. When do we see this pretty flower?

Answer: Season 2! Before Lizzie ever looked at the flowers there was this seen in episode 4 when Daryl gave Carol a cherokee rose while looking for Sophia.


4. When do we see this person killing a walker horde through a fence?

Answer: Season 4! In episode 5 Maggie helps clear up a walker horde at the prison to keep the weight off the fences.


5. When do we see this black car?

Answer: Season 3! In episode 15 Merle gathers a parade of walkers to a meeting place to attack the Governor's men. Unfortunately it doesn't end well for him.


6. When do we see this convoy?

Answer: Season 2! In episode 13 after fleeing the farm the group roles out in this procession.


7. When do we see these two magazines on the ground?

Answer: Season 5! In the most recent episode, episode 8, Father Gabriel went wandering and found these magazines....And Bob's foot.


8. When do we see this ladybug on a leaf?

Answer: Season 4! In episode 12 it marks only the second time that it rains in The Walking Dead and afterwards Beth sees this damp leaf.


9. When do we see all these walkers just waiting for a chance to bite?

Answer: Season 5! In episode 3 Gareth taunts the walkers behind the glass while speaking to Bob.


10. When do we catch a glimpse of this discarded doll?

Answer: Season 1! This is from way back in episode 1, shortly before Rick comes across the first walker the audience ever sees, bunny slippers girl.


How many did you get correct?

Source: Screencapped


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