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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Jackie Chan is one of the most loved, talented and down to earth action heroes to ever grace cinemas and TV screens across the globe. He's been performing for over fifty years in Asian and American cinema, breaking numerous bones and Guinness World Records in relentless action, kung-fu, comedy, drama and kids movies. The man is a bonafide star and slightly versatile too!

And, not surprisingly, as humble as the day is long, as you shall learn in the next few scrolls. In 1973, Chan had the great honor of performing alongside his idol, the great Bruce Lee in the epic kung-fu masterpiece Enter The Dragon. What Chan had to say about being near the late Lee is absolutely heartwarming!

Chan & Lee: A Bunch Of Kickass Bros

How's that for a bit of epic adulation? Imagine being near one of your heroes and for them to spend so much attention on you? I think that could definitely constitute as a best moment ever. One day, Mr. Whedon. One day.

Anyway, moving on. Check out some of Jackie Chan's best stunts and fight sequences in this great video courtesy of watchmojo!

Have you guys got any other sweet stories about celebs getting all wobbly at the knees over their heroes? Well, we're all ears! Pop your story right here.

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