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I'm a fan of the odd crazy fan theory, it's great to see the internet coming together to discuss plausible madness and whether differing worlds of entertainment can actually coexist. I think The Matrix and Equilibrium sharing the same world is possibly still my favorite theory, but this one is coming in at a very close second.

This theory, speculated further on reddit, is brilliant for its inventiveness and the sheer "IMAGINE THIS WAS REAL" factor. Because both characters are so alike, it would makes sense. What if Sherlock Holmes and Spock from Star Trek were related?

Spocklock: Intergalactic Sleuths


In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (TUC), and 2009's reboot (although in the reboot, Spock didn't attribute the quote to an ancestor), Spock was quoted to say...

An ancestor of mine maintained that when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

"An ancestor," which ancestor? Surely it could only be one of the other most brilliant, logical and socially inept people in entertainment history!

These thoughts gave speed to this here theory, because the exact same quote is attributed to Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes in the story The Sign of the Four, written in 1890, and many other Holmesian adventures.

The quote and usage of "my ancestor" rather than "Sherlock Homes maintains...", posits that the worlds of Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes actually co-exist, meaning Spock could be an incredibly distant relative of Holmes' on his human mother's side. Or that Spock is related to Arthur Conan Doyle.

Some people had the idea that Holmes was in fact a Vulcan marooned on Earth, which, naturally, led to fan fiction. But I believe it comes down to one Star Trek writer's unerring love of literature, Nicholas Meyer.

Meyer is on the right...
Meyer is on the right...

TUC was co-written and directed by Nicholas Meyer who also wrote the novel, and later a screenplay, Sherlock Holmes: The Seven Per Cent Solution. Meyer littered his Star Trek scripts with homages to other great writers such as Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.

In Wrath Of Khan, also written by Meyer, Khan is enamored with Moby Dick and General Chang with Shakespeare, so as opposed to Spock being a distant relative of Sherlock Holmes, I believe it's just one man simply geeking out and wondering "what if... ."

Of course, they can't be related, they're simply both brilliant at what they do and have borrowed lines from each other. But keeping the constant rebooting of both series' in mind, who can say! Maybe both timelines did intersect like some kind of Thorian Convergence?

My brain hurts.

Have you guys come across any great fan theories while traversing the webs? I wanna read them! So join our team and get speculatin'.

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