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After my last post about the Vampire Diaries novels was so wildly popular, I've decided to delve even deeper into the pages of the books and reveal just how different our favorite characters could have been.

I have already discussed Elena and Bonnie in detail in the previous article, but there is some information about the rest of the key crew members below for you to sink your teeth into!

Dastardly Damon

Ian Somerhalder bares a strikingly similar appearance to the Damon Salvatore described in the novel thanks to his angular bone structure and remarkably high cheek bones, but there is one crucial difference.

Fans of the Vampire Diaries show adore Ian's piercing blue eyes, but if they were true to the novel his eyes would be jet black.

While the Damon in the show is undeniably an impulsive and sometimes cruel character, his book counterpart has a much darker tone. To put it simply, the novel's Damon definitely wouldn't be dropping zingers about Twilight and Taylor Swift!

Another thing that is very different about Damon in the books in his deep and spiritual relationship with Bonnie. Although the show has recently started to explore this dynamic, the novels go way further and imply that Bonnie has an effect on Damon that nobody else can match.

When Damon is with the witch his humanity is desperate to escape and he feels the power of her beautiful soul. Below is a passage about Damon's feelings when he's with Bonnie as an example:

His neck hurt fiercely, but more cracks were spreading all over the stone; it was going to explode completely, letting the Damon it held inside out—and he was too drunk on pride and joy, yes, joy, to care. Cracks were spreading in every direction, pieces of stone flying off

Shape Shifting Stefan

Stefan Salvatore's character in the show is probably one of the most faithful to the novel, but there are a few truly bizarre differences.

The main one being that if Stefan consumes large quantities of blood, he can turn into an eagle or a hawk. Yep, really.

Stefan also drinks Elena's blood in a quasi erotic way in the novels which his TV show character would totally disapprove of.

A Cattier Caroline

When it comes to picking a Vampire Diaries bestie, most of us would turn to the kind-hearted and lovable Caroline, but you wouldn't want to befriend her catty novel counterpart.

Although Caroline is initially introduced as a petty and jealous character in the show, she quickly changed her ways to become the 'Care' we know and love, but it took her a long time to become a better person in the novels.

The Caroline Forbes from the book series is consumed with selfish jealousy that makes her turn against her friends, including Elena.

Eventually, she changes her ways thanks to an event that definitely didn't happen in the TV show.

Caroline has two children with none other than Tyler Lockwood (or Smallwood as he's known in the books) and motherhood eventually convinces her to reevaluate her outlook on life.

As if that wasn't enough change to cope with, Caroline also originally had long auburn hair.

Tyler's Terrible Side

Although he has a different name (Tyler Smallwood), Tyler is remarkably similar to his character in the TV show apart from a couple of creepy details...

When the novel's Tyler turns into a werewolf, he only preys upon little girls which seems a little bit weird and perverted to me.

It's also kind of implied that he raped Caroline when their twin children named Lucas and Brianne were conceived.

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