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For almost five years [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) has taken us on a wild and supernatural ride, over the last six seasons we've come to love (and hate) the characters as they took on some of the weirdest challenges a teenager could undertake.

With 121 Vampire Diaries episodes having aired, how much can you remember? Take the quiz and match the scene with the season that it appeared in! Check your answer underneath the poll by clicking the 'spoiler' button. It's not going to be easy, but good luck!


1. What season do we see these bizarre cave drawings?

Answer: Season 3! Alaric, Bonnie and Elena try to decipher the drawings, eventually working out that Mikael is 'papa original' (Damon's words!)


2. What season does Stefan take matters into his hands like this?

Answer: Season 6! In episode 3, after Ivy's murder Stefan compels his boss to give him a few days off to hunt down Enzo and get his revenge.


3. What season do we see Bonnie mask her true identy?

Answer: Season 2! In Episode 7 the Lockwoods host a masquerade ball and the gang all plan to attend and kill Katherine (we all know how that went!)


4. What season does Elena take a break in a cemetery?

Answer: Season 1! This one was pretty easy, but it was way back in the pilot episode when we saw Elena visit her parents' grave and write in her diary.


5. What season do we see Damon on this colorful street?

Answer: Season 4! In episode 8 Damon takes a trip to New Orleans to investigate the sire bond.


6. What season do we see this fellow behind bars?

Answer: Season 5! In episode 9 we were introduced to Enzo who was Damon's cell buddy while imprisoned by the Whittemore's.


7. What season do we see this buff tattooed bod?

Answer: Season 4! In episode 12 after killing Kol, Jeremy's tattoo is completed and everyone can search for the cure!


8. Which season did we see Damon and Stefan looking so dapper?

Answer: Season 1! In episode 13 there were many flashbacks to 1864 when Damon and Stefan were just regular old mortals. Boring!


9. What season do we see these very special stakes?

Answer: Season 2! In episode 18 Stefan tries to exchange the white oak wood stakes for Damon, who was being held by Klaus and Rebekah.


10. What season does this hospital scene take place?

Answer: Season 5! In episode 11 a very sick Katherine is fighting to survive as Nadia desperately tries to save her.


How many did you get correct?

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