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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Saw game may have received mixed reviews from fans and critics, but there were plenty of mind-blowing moments (geddit?). While there are certain aspects that would not translate well to the screen - I certainly wouldn't pay to watch a movie about a man rewiring circuitry in the dark - the Saw game could offer some inspiration for the upcoming Saw movie...

1. Insane in the Membrane

The atmospheric setting - an abandoned lunatic asylum - was never fully realized in the video game due to older graphics and the limiting effect of gameplay on storytelling. It could be cool for the next Saw movie to develop the deadly assault course-style series of traps as seen in Saw II with a more interesting locale.

2. Then a hero comes along...

It was fun to have an actual hero - albeit a flawed one! - that we could root for rather than just watching streams of randoms getting gutted and decapitated. Sure, that happens too, but the next Saw movie could possibly benefit from following the developing narrative of one main character as he or she traverses Jigsaw's compound.

3. Make Your Choice

There are a few moments when the player must choose between which traps to take on, such as in the Sighted or Blind challenge. Sure, the scriptwriters would have to think up a few more traps that way - but that's only gonna please audiences more. I do love an agonizing decision...

4. Box Head

Boxhead in The Evil Within for PS4
Boxhead in The Evil Within for PS4

Box head may be more associated with Silent Hill - and now The Evil Within - but there's something so weird and terrifying about a crazed berserker with a metal safe clamped to his face that I can't say it would go amiss in a new Saw movie. One of the best things about the game is that Jigsaw makes others attack you for the key hidden in your stomach - I'd be interested to see a hero fighting off Jigsaw's minions in the next film.

5. Iron Maiden ROCKS

Check out this trap and decide for yourself - but this'd totally fit in the next movie!


Do you think there's some good material for the next Saw movie in the video game?

Source: Saw Films Wikia


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