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Rob Harris

I never knew Disney princesses were avid social networking users, but I guess they're people too, right? Well, it turns out that online voyeurism isn't the only trait they share with us: jealousy and brutal bitchiness are also in the cards for these surprisingly foul-mouthed cartoon characters.

User steve699 has created a hilarious alternate universe storyline, in which Aladdin's Princess Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty throw mad shade at each other over Tumblr.

You have to check this out:

The drama begins when Jasmine spots scandal

Oh no you don't Sleeping Beauty!

Jasmine hits back with a rather strongly worded message

Oh its orrrrn now!

'I only got one thing to say to you gurl.'

'What's that?'


Oh no she di'ent!

She got you good there! I wonder who would win in a fight - the Arabian princess or the narcoleptic darling? In any case, there's one man who seems to have come out best from all of this! That's right...

I wanna see you guys get creative! Why not create your own gif-form fairytale with your favorite Disney characters?!


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