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The king of action movies, Sylvester Stallone, was recently spotted visiting a very memorable spot dear to his heart, and he even had time to share the moment with a lucky group of fans.

Firstly, remind yourself of this classic scene from Rocky - just watching it will make you feel like running a marathon!

The famous Rocky steps Stallone ran up in Philadelphia have earned their place in movie history, attracting fans from around the globe who want to prove their might by doing what the hardened boxer did.

Although many have now run up the iconic stairs, very few can boast the honor of taking a selfie with Stallone at the top!

But these guys can:

A group of unsuspecting tourists did what all us movie fans would, running up the historic stairwell, but they didn't expect to run into the Italian Stallion himself!

Peter Rowe said he and two friends had just reached the top when they spotted Sylvester Stallone. Ever a good sport, he said to them jokingly:

Man, you guys are fast. You’re making me look bad!

The actor then posed for a selfie with the fans, urging them to “Look tough, guys!”

'I will break you'
'I will break you'

Sylvester proved yet again that fame hasn't let him forget his origins. It's great to see stars interacting with the public in this way. Go Rocky!

Stallone was in Philadelphia shooting Creed, which starts Michael B Jordan as the grandson of early Rocky's rival-turned-friend, Apollo Creed.


Which is the best Rocky movie?


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