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Everyone has been saying different theories about Harrison Wells , I have been observing these theories and think that there is a greater plot twist and I think the finale of the show is not that easy to predict.

What if Harrison Wells is Barry Allen from the future and The flash is missing in the future because he has travelled back in time to protect himself ?

In the future Harrison Wells saves the earth from a great danger but it costs him his powers and the only way for him to get them back is to travel back in time. But if he really is than why did we saw his reverse flash costume ? I think this is the plot twist when Harrison Wells travelled back in time it caused him to become the reverse flash and now there are two reverse flashes , one is Eddward Thane and the other is Harrison Wells.Right now I can not find a picture but it was with the similar habbits that Barry and Wells have in common. Anyway this is just an opinion and I think it goes pretty much like this. Do you have any suggestions or critics or any filler please let me know in the comments below :)

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