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Warning: Spoilers for the AHS: Freak Show finale ahead!

After 13 episodes the American Horror Story: Freak Show troupe has taken to the stage for their final bows last night, and what a performance it was!

The episode started with a bang and kept up the momentum all the way until the end when the queen of [American Horror Story](series:206668): Freak Show, Elsa Mars took to the stage for her final number.

There was a lot to process in this episode, so take a look through these 5 things you might have missed:

1. Pepper's horrible end suddenly seemed not so bad...

Well you definitely couldn't have missed one of the most jarring and bloody starts to an American Horror Story episode yet! After being insulted by Eve, Penny, Paul and Ima, Dandy Mott lost his mind and literally shot up the whole freak show.

While I didn't think it was possible for a sadder ending to a character's story than when we learned how poor Pepper ended up in Briarcliff Manor, that was completely changed by the first 15 minutes of the Freak Show finale. While this isn't necessarily something you missed, it is something that in retrospect makes one freak's end a little less depressing.

2. Dandy ended up in a glass jar

A big story-arc through the season was Stanley killing and selling freaks to the Museum of Morbid Curiosities, but after the owner of the museum and Stanley were dealt to in episode 12, I admit that I thought that the glass jars full of freaks were over. I was wrong. In a beautiful twist, the biggest freak of them all, Dandy Mott, ended up in a huge glass jar of his own when Dot, Bette, Jimmy and Desiree drowned him in Hardeen Houdini’s Chinese Water Torture Cell.

Just as a side note, how freakin' satisfying was watching Desiree eat her popcorn in this scene?

What a bad ass.

3. We realize Elsa wasn't the villain

Elsa Mars has had some pretty cold moments throughout AHS: Freak Show; killing Ethel and Dell, purposely hitting Paul with a knife on the spinning wheel, and more! But in the finale episode we really learned that Elsa wasn't an evil character, she was a human one.

In death she was sent by Edward Mordrake back to her Freak Show, but instead of rejecting her, her 'monsters' welcomed her back, (literally in Ethel's case) with open arms. In the end she had repented for her mistakes, and received the redemption and forgiveness of the only ones that mattered to her, her family of freaks.

4. Penny and Paul were truly the perfect couple

At the very end of the episode, Elsa finds that Edward Mordrake has banished her to the Freak Show grounds after her suicide-by-halloween-performance. Inside the tent of her beloved 'monsters' who died in horrific ways at the beginning of the episode have now found peace.

While we see Amazon Eve, Ma Petite and Ethel, it's Penny and Paul who were the sweetest pair, announcing their marriage to Elsa as they leave the tent. Marrying these two freaks was inspired, after all, with their strange tattoos they literally completed each other.

5. Ryan Murphy gave both Elsa and Jessica Lange a beautiful send off

In case you haven't heard, Season 4 of American Horror Story will almost certainly be the final season for queen of AHS, Jessica Lange. Over the course of the show Lange has played some of the best characters, earning an Emmy Award for her role as Constance in AHS: Murder House as well as for her role as Fiona in AHS: Coven.

Obviously show creator Ryan Murphy wasn't going to let one of the best actresses of all time (seriously, check out all the awards she's won) go out quietly! Elsa Mar's final performance was proceeded by a wonderful introduction by Ethel Darling, that was almost certainly doubled as a dedication to Jessica Lange from Ryan Murphy:

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, you have all looked up at the night sky and seen the sparkle of millions of dead stars. They flicked out centuries ago, but only now does their light reach our eyes. But have you ever wondered, when they were alive and burning, which one shined the brightest? Well tonight, right here on this stage, we'll give you an answer to that question. Tonight you will see the brightest and the best that ever was and ever will be.

What do you think?

Did you enjoy the season finale of AHS: Freak Show? Let me know over here.

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