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The strangest moment in the Tolkien adaptations was when director Peter Jackson announced The Hobbit would be divided into three movies –each one almost three hours long- which made everyone go…huh?! And since then, no one has ever fully recovered from this money making gimmick.

While many fans genuinely enjoyed the prelude trilogy and it was a box office hit, it is common acceptance that Jackson spread thin a 320 page book, adding characters that weren't part of the original story and creating romance conflicts to fill in the gaps.

Thankfully, the prayers of many have been answered when a Tolkien fan took it upon himself to cut the three films into a four hour film that resembles more accurately the author’s story. That means all the smaller filler stories have been removed, the ‘return of Saruman’ won’t play such a big part in this rendition and Bilbo will be the central character, as intended, instead of a witness in this grand adventure.

In his blog Tolkien Editor, he explains his reasoning for condensing the trilogy and further elaborates on the scenes he cut out and why. The first thing he makes clear won’t be in this edited version is the investigation of Dol Guldor, a filler scene to explain where Gandalf disappears to. It eliminates completely the appearances of Radgast, Saruman and Galadriel.

Another story he felt the need to remove was the interspecies love triangle between she-elf Tauriel –a made up character- Legolas and Kili. Both elf characters don’t even show up in the novel and the forced romantic link between the three ends up feeling inconsequential.

The Laketown scenes are also made shorter looking to only portray Bard and the importance of the town. Along with tightening up some actions scenes and Orc screen time, the plot should feel more fluid and the character development more tangible.

For those who are intrigued to see what the ending result looks like, Tolkien Editor hides the link in his post and gives instructions on how to find it. It wouldn’t be a proper Hobbit experience without a bit of a journey and adventure.

To visit the post and see a more in-depth explanation of the editing, click here.

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