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Oh yes, you read that correctly. A producer at Microsoft studios, when talking about the Xbox One's exclusive upcoming game developed by Platinum Games, Scalebound, said that the title had the potential to become "the greatest game of all-time!" Hmm, I think he may be taking things a little too far with this particular statement, particularly since Scalebound doesn't have a release date and no one has seen any gameplay for the Xbox One game.

But who knows? Maybe this man was genuinely excited by what he saw, or he's just trying to create the most ridiculous hype train of all time. Like, we all dislike our hype trains, but this just takes "all aboard" to a whole new level! For those that haven't seen or heard of this game yet, you can check out the trailer below!

Scalebound - Exclusive Xbox One Title

Well that trailer was insane. We've got dragons, weird kind of giant crab creatures and then a serpent like creature with several heads that's the size of the Empire State. Awesome. Platinum's over the top nature is certainly on show in this particular trailer, though I can't help but feel it looks like the male version of Bayonetta 2. But with you know less colour...hmm...

There is most certainly the cool addition of the dragon armour and the potential ability to ride on the back of one of these amazing creatures, but I'm sure the combat will consist of insane hack and slash fury. Oh and notice that when we get a female protagonist in a game she wears barely anything and shows off her mammary glands like no one's looking. But a guy gets a kick ass dragon suit. Right, that's totally fair.


It's an unusual looking title, and I can certainly see it being one of those 7-8 score earning games. It'll undoubtedly be a lot of fun, I mean it's Platinum! Though let's not talk about that Legend of Korra experience...In any case, I think it's really a bad move for Microsoft to make in terms of selling their game.

If it isn't good there are going to be a lot of "those kind of gamers"out there attacking the studio for having made the comment. But it will also affect our reception of the title and how good we feel it's going to be. I never thought it looked like much, though that's mainly because we still no nothing about it, especially in terms of gameplay.

So what do you guys think of this crazy looking adventure? Are you excited for the Xbox One exclusive from Microsoft and Platinum, do you think it was a good idea to call it that? Let us know in the comments gamers!


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