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Ready for Mario madness? It just got personal.. Now you can conceive and create your very own Mario games! It's just a hop, skip and a jump into your own world of mushroom mayhem!

Ok so basically Mario Maker is an upcoming game creator application for the Wii U which allows players to make their own 2D platform, Super Mario levels. It allows players to insert blocks, enemies, items, and more from the original Super Mario Bros. There are some new modified power-ups, like a Luigi Mushroom that changes Mario into Super Mario, but looks like a stretched Small Mario.

In Mario Maker on Wii U, you can use the Wii U GamePad to create your own 2D Mario levels. A simple button press changes between classic NES-style graphics and those from New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U.

You can create levels the like of which have never been seen in a Mario game, with Goombas walking around with Piranha Plants on their heads or a giant stack of Koopa Troopas appearing suddenly. The only limit is your imagination!

There are lots of features included to make not just playing the levels fun, but creating them too!

Mario Maker
Mario Maker

Build and Rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom

During its E3 2014 unveiling, it was depicted that players can easily switch between two different visual styles: the original Super Mario Bros. 8-bit NES graphics, and the New Super Mario Bros. U style of HD graphics.[2][3] They later showed that players will be able to switch to and from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World graphics during the 2014 Video Game Awards. Nintendo plans to include more visual styles, even from non-Mario games.


Making courses is easy. Players use the GamePad touch screen to easily drag and drop elements they want in their levels. Place blocks, pipes, lifts and enemies anywhere and play through the level. Want a Goomba to wear a Piranha Plant on its head, build a tower 10 Goombas tall or make a Piranha Plant fly by giving it wings?

Mario Characters
Mario Characters

Players can instantly playtest and edit their creations on the fly. If something isn't working, go back into edit mode immediately by tapping a button and make tweaks until everything is just right.

With the tap of an icon, users can even switch the visual style between a classic 8-bit Super Mario Bros. look and the HD world of New Super Mario Bros. U in the E3 version.

Although the recreation is mainly faithful, there are some minor differences in each styles. For example: in the original Super Mario Bros. game, Elevators could not be jumped through from underneath; this was possibly put in place to remain consistent with the Lifts in the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Mario Maker
Mario Maker

Mushrooms and most enemies can ride on top of other objects and bounce off springboards. Enemies can have wings added to them; in the case of Goombas and Koopas, it makes them look and act like their "Para" variations. Red Koopas can be spawned by shaking a standard Green Koopa until it turns red.

Enemies can be made huge, and players can add coins to multiple enemies and objects, which will make them produce coins. In addition, players can also use ridable Lakitu Clouds, and wall jumping and Ground Pounding will be possible.

An all round awesome piece of kit for any video game lover. No matter your age, we can almost guarantee that at some point or other you have played, seen played or now created a Mario adventure.

Mario Maker is looking for an early release in 2015. we estimate an April launch on WII U.

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Will you create your own Mario world with Mario Maker?

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