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I've been a creator and writer for numerous television entertainment blogs. I only bring this to the readers attention because my very first blog I ever wanted to share my thoughts and perspectives on was 'The Walking Dead.' Before the life of a blogger, I was a behaviorist in medical research, but groomed as a biochemist in school. What does this mean or have to do with the title above?

While working in the medical field, I started looking at science in a different light. I was exposed to psychology, moreover, behavior and how humans and animals share very similar qualities in many different respects. Fast-forwarding to the show and the nerd that I am, I was curious about a storyline never really brought into fruition in the TV series arena. Being the scientist I am, I was looking for the accuracy within the show, scientifically and behaviorally (psychologically).

Although the scientific accuracy of the show was lacking to a point (which I suppose I was expecting), especially the importance of fire, water, and shelter, I found the characters a whole lot more interesting. A few episodes into the series, it became quite apparent that the importance within the show was not just the characters (which every shows focus is usually on), but the character development and psychological evolution.

As seasons passed, the ever evolving character building and emotional twists held me in place. The gore was impressive and Greg Nicotero is a god amongst men, but each characters alteration emotionally and physically due to personality and biology was a masterpiece in itself. The ability to cope and recover finding solace in those within the group were great pieces of acting.

If you are still reading, you probably are coming to see what makes the show so significant compared to many of the other shows that contain overused plots and story writing. The significance of the show is not the blood and gore, nor the competition amongst groups or within groups, rather the evolution of the human psyche post world changing events. We start to see how behavior manifests itself in individuals that differ personality wise. We are exposed to individuals who have been without social contact and individuals that are in a perpetual cycle (mentally), from which endangers others.

The significance of the walking dead television series when brought to the common denominator is to discover the importance of social support and cohesion in times of psychological and emotional peril. A microcosm apocalypse occurs around people everyday. People suffer an inexplicable amount of psychological and emotional pain in there lives. The ability to connect and relieve each other of that pain in the most difficult times is what makes us human. Robert Kirkman deeply understands this. That is why this show is unbelievably successful.


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