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Canada may be America's hat, but it's also kind of like a little sibling that we love but still feel superior to. We're still getting over the fact that they gave us Justin Bieber and won't take him back, so we're kind of in a sibling's quarrel right now.

Like America, Canada has a football league. It's a much lower quality version of the NFL (National Football League) called the CFL (Canadian Football League). It appears that the security in the CFL isn't quite good enough to keep out Sauron (from The Lord of the Rings Franchise) of all people - someone who you definitely don't want in your stadium.

Check it out:

He's sitting alone, which is probably good.

This dude is intricately dressed as Sauron. I wonder if they made him take off the individual parts. Also, it looks like he has some weaponry that could truly do some damage to other fans.

Only in Canada...

Blame Canada.


Would Sauron make it into an NFL stadium?

Source: FashionablyGeek


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