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I teamed up with my partner in crime Mark Edwards again on this project. Mark shot this dynamic photo of a Cosplayer portraying Captain America's Winter Soldier. We are thrilled to present to you, "The Causeway" featuring the amazing cosplay of Elendriel Alastair! Our goal was to recreate the scene from the movie where Bucky makes his explosively dramatic entrance.

Here is the original scene that we referenced. We did our best to match all of the main components and drama from the scene while still giving it our own flair:

Original still from the movie
Original still from the movie

We did a lot of problem solving and creating of the surrounding environments for this piece. I definitely think that we achieved our main goal of capturing one of the most exciting shots in the entire film. This is just the beginning for us and the art we plan on doing, so stay tuned for more fantastic images from both Mark and myself in the near future.

Please, feel free to share and repost this, etc. Just make sure you give credit to Ryan Crain and Mark Edwards if you do. We really appreciate the love, support, and help of spreading our art around!

If you liked this amazing shot, check out more of my art right here on my Moviepilot page!

Thank you and happy movie going, guys!

- Ryan Crain


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