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Most of the time the extent of drawing done on my coffee cups is my name, or maybe a smiley face if I'm lucky. According to Redditor and Starbucks barista Carpe_Natem, a customer at their store must have come in for some coffee before second breakfast, but stayed to create some awesome Lord of the Rings fan art.

This wasn't any regular coffee drinker, and no, it wasn't an elaborate stunt by the coffee conglomerate (sorry, marketing conspiracy theorists). It was 26-year-old artist Liam Kenny from Liverpool, United Kingdom. Take a gander at Kenny's, undoubtedly coffee-fueled, drawing of Middle-earth on this Starbucks coffee cup.

"I've got a venti half-caf vanilla latte for Pippin!"

Although he finished his project a few months ago, only recently has it gained popularity on the Internet. Kenny told Huffington Post that it took around five hours to finish the drawing, including some expert-level tea staining to achieve the aged coloration of the cup.

Kenny also went on to explain why this detailed project piqued his interest in the first place:

"I am the biggest fan of 'LOTR.' I used to write Elvish in school books and mouth the films word-by-word as a kid. I'd never seen anything so detailed on a cup before and I wanted to be the first to do so."

Talk about a super fan! This cup was clearly a latte work! And it must have bean hard to design. Get it? Guys, I am so good at jokes.

And that's not all! On his Instagram Kenny shows off some more of his incredible talent and love of all things LOTR.

Well done, Liam Kenny! You are officially my favorite coffee cup artist.

Now how do we get Starbucks to release cups designed like this for each fandom? He's already done one for fans of [The Avengers](movie:9040).

I'll take them all please! To see more of Kenny's fan art, both on and off coffee cups, check out his Instagram.


Which of these fandoms would you want to see on your coffee cup in the morning?

(Via: Huffington Post, Imgur)


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