ByAnkit Shivhare, writer at
Ankit Shivhare

The flash is getting really excited with every episode after revenge of the rogues in which they left us in suspense about what the female character snort sister cause trouble to flash. But before getting out of it DC has introduced another of their famous villain "The Pied Piper/Hartley Rathaway who is once an ally of Dr. Harrison Wells but affected by particle accelerator now able to manipulate sound waves came back to seek revenge from Harrison Wells. DC truly knows how to lure the audience by always offering them something surprising. But one second this is not the end they still have many more villains to introduce like The Top or The trickster, when they will introduce them ? That is still a surprise. In the episode Joe also tells Eddie somethong and tell him to keep it a secret. I am kind wondering what it will be is it true identity of Barry or something else.


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