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The Supergirl live-action CBS series is finally getting itself together! After a TCA meeting that gave us some more insight on the direction of the show, we've finally been given some more news. And it answers the big question—who will be our Supergirl?

This girl! Melissa Benoist has reportedly been cast as Kara Zor-El, the young gal who becomes Supergirl! Melissa is a formidable actress, having roles in Homeland, The Good Wife, awards season favorite Whiplash and FOX's hit show Glee! You can imagine the excitement of my sister, who's an avid Glee watcher, when she heard this news.

Melissa isn't the only Glee star to join the superhero scene. Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen/The Flash in the CW series based on the titular speedy character, has also been in the FOX show.

Grant Gustin as 'The Flash'.
Grant Gustin as 'The Flash'.

The Supergirl series will revolve around Kara, cousin of Superman, who after escaping her home planet Krypton before it's destruction, lands on Earth. Upon landing on the planet, she is taken in by the Danvers, a foster family who advise her to be careful of her extraordinary powers.

After awhile, being unable to use her powers and being forced to hide her true origins has left Kara feeling un-empowered. An unexpected situation causes her to use her abilities in public. This causes her to feel powerful again, and she starts using her powers to help the city and all its inhabitants. She is soon given a heroic moniker—Supergirl!

Melissa seems like a great choice to portray the powerful cousin of Kal-El, but we'll have to wait and see until Supergirl comes out. As when that will be has yet to be determined or announced, as the show is still pending an official series order. Here's hoping the show gets picked up and is successful so Kara Zor-El will finally get the recognition she so deserves!


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