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Everyone knows that Miley Cyrus revels in ridiculousness. From telling girls to masturbate once a day to provoking fellow Disney stars on social media, she's made a successful career shift by consistently provoking the ever-scandalized public, and this recent bit of news fits right in with that.

Here it goes. Miley Cyrus's current boyfriend is Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick (sorry, Liam fans, it doesn't look like a reunion is happening any time soon). Patrick has a sister named Christina. According to TMZ and some suspicious Instagrams, Christina recently started dating Miley's brother Braison. Here's what the newly minted couple look like:

The new couple: Braison Cyrus and Christina Schwarzenegger
The new couple: Braison Cyrus and Christina Schwarzenegger

Cute couple! But, is reality starting to feel like some kind of bizarrely alternate universe where every famous person is somehow connected? I feel like I'm living in Clone High!

To be clear, extended relatives of a United States President (John F. Kennedy) who also happen to be the children of the Terminator are now dating the children of a man known for a one-hit country wonder and a mullet. And, if both couples end up together for the long haul, there are gonna be some wacky in-law dynamics going on.

One of the incriminating grams
One of the incriminating grams

I actually don't find the dating between families to be that outlandish (I mean, they're not related after all), but I do think it's less than an ideal situation. What if one couple breaks up and the other couple gets married? That's an extremely awkward ceremony for the wedding party. Plus, that would make one of the Cyruses a sibling-in-law to their former flame.

Maybe I'm getting way too ahead of myself (it wouldn't be the first time), but I just want to live in a world where all celebrity romances make sense in my head. That's not too much to ask, is it? Okay, that is a completely rhetorical question, I already know that it indeed is way too much to expect.

Miley and Patrick
Miley and Patrick

At the very least, hopefully now that her brother is onboard with the Schwarzenegger clan, he'll help her learn how to spell her boyfriend's last name. I mean, it's definitely a long one, but that's what love is about, right?

How do you feel about the Cyrus-Schwarzenegger connection?


Do you think it would be weird to date the sibling of your sister's boyfriend?


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