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When fans were given their first glimpse of Kylo Ren and his crossguard lightsaber, the internet practically exploded. From theories explaining how it works to full-on rants about the allegedly impractical design, fans everywhere had something to say about the weapon.

Despite not being all that weird when it comes to lightsaber design in Star Wars lore, creative fans have decided to take on the new design and challenge it in various ways, including this awesome video by Mr.TVCow on YouTube.

A lone Jedi wanders through a snowy forest, but his quiet delivery mission is tossed aside when he encounters a dark, cyborg-like Sith. Instead of an epic duel, though, the confrontation turns into something of a weird display that reminds me of the way male peacocks show off their feathers to win a mate.

But instead of a mate, the only onlooker is a lone Jawa, who - honestly, what the heck are you doing in the snow, little dude? It seems our watcher has ulterior motives, but that's not exactly surprising.

You might remember Mr.TVCow from previous coverage of the channel's awesome gaming kitty videos. This new one not only shows off the creator's incredible graphic skills, but also impeccable comedic timing.

If it's nonsense, I love it, and this video is definitely the best kind of nonsense. Keep it wacky, fellow Star Wars fans!


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