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While everyone is talking about American Sniper this week, and understandably so, this particular gem, Foxcatcher, cannot be overlooked. If you are looking for a feel-good film, this ain't it. Beware. However, it is one of the best acted movies I have ever seen. Gritty, intense and heavy but incredibly put together.

I was very impressed with the powerful performances by Steve Carrell, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum. And to think I used to joke about Tatum and not give him any respect. He has transitioned well into more of a serious actor. Carrell just blew me away. His icy portrayal of Jon du Pont was on point. This is not the 40 Year Old Virgin or the Evan Almighty Steve Carrell. You won't even recognize him. Mark Ruffalo was at his best is as the sincere, supportive and "tough love" giving brother to Tatum's, Mark Schultz. Plus with the added value of realness to the true story really makes it all that more effective.

It took a while for this film to hit the theaters but it is finally making its way around. I lived in New Jersey for most of my life so the du Pont name was very well known in the Tri-State area. The grandmother of my former girlfriend at the time worked at one of the du Pont factories. I recall the media circus very well around the time when these events occurred.

Foxcatcher is probably not a favorite to win many Oscars but it is sure worthy of recognition. If you appreciate solid acting and if you can handle the seriousness of this piece then you will find Foxcatcher to be very compelling.


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