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Jess Goodwin

The past two days have been quite the rollercoaster of emotion for Fannibals. On Wednesday, the official Hannibal Tumblr teased "something huge" on the way, leading to speculation (of the first poster, perhaps, or a giveaway), excited confusion, and maybe a touch of encephalitis-style disorientation among the fanbase.

Though I'd personally guessed Bryan Fuller and co. might be announcing they'd procured the rights to the Clarice Starling character and overall Silence of the Lambs storyline, it was revealed instead that we'd be seeing the first season three trailer soon.

"Soon" was originally said to mean Friday morning, so it made for an even bigger surprise when it was made available just hours after Thursday's announcement. If you haven't already watched it once or twice or 12 times, take a look below.

I can't express how much I'm digging this trailer. It's the perfect combination of dark and suspenseful, and it raises just enough questions — both by what it shows and what it doesn't — without being too tortuous. You can already tell this is going to be one hell of a game of cat and mouse.

Judging from the sheer volume of responses to and GIFs from the trailer already on my Tumblr dash, I get the feeling I'm not alone in that opinion. Frankly, the only real downside of this trailer I can think of is it'll make the wait until summer that much harder.

What're your thoughts on the trailer?


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