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I was fortunate enough to have Moviepilot send me to an early screening of The Boy Next Door. In all honesty, I enjoyed the film and feel it served it's purpose. It was quite effective as a thriller, and I was throughly pleased with the entirety of the film.

I walked into the film with an open mind even though I felt as if I was seeing Enough and Fear mixed into one film, and boy was I completely shocked. The film starts off introducing the family and their complicated situation due to infidelity on the husband/father's part. The dynamic of the family is already intense, setting the audience up for quite an experience.

Both stars of the film are smoking hot, and that aspect alone is insinuated a lot. However Jennifer Lopez's sexual appeal stays consistent in comparison to Ryan Guzman, the lead man of the film. His sexual appeal slides drastically as the film progresses. Guzman becomes more and more intense; he plays the psychopath role extremely well. Sending chills up my spine more than once, Guzman embodies the stalker creep character all the way.

As the film continues, situations are introduced to the audience NOT through dramatic irony which is something thrillers are missing more often than not. When new aspects are introduced to the audience through dramatic irony, the thrill of it all is lost. There are a couple jump scares, which are pleasantly placed in the film and are actually effective. There's also a scene with an eye gouge stunt, that's shown in a gnarly closeup.

Rob Cohen the director of the film had a very distinct vision, that I believe was executed greatly. As an audience member you're definitely caught up in the film. The tense tone of the film along with the slight comedic relief throughout it, was the perfect combination for a solid film. The mix of lightheartedness and intensity alone made me want to watch the film again.

Make sure you catch The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman now in theaters! And let me know what you personally thought in the comments below!


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