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Ever since the announcement of Marvel's line up and the title "Captain America" Civil War" the internet has been buzzing with speculation over how this epic story will translate to the big screen.

First and foremost, the biggest question has been whether or not Peter Parker/Spiderman will make an appearance. There have been rumors of a deal between Sony and Marvel, and the fans are holding their breath for an official announcement.

In the meantime, Anthony Mackie (who plays Falcon), has spoken to more than one interviewer about how his character will appear in the third installment of Captain America, and how his allegiance in the Civil War will be unwavering.

Here, Mackie seems confident that Falcon will be the Cap's right-hand-man when it comes down to it - it's barely even worth talking about! Obviously he's there for Steve!

Of course [he's going to be on Cap's team]! Who else would he call!?

However, in a different interview (posted on the same day) he is a little more cagey about where his loyalties lie. Speaking to WeGotThisCovered, he says that Tony Stark has his good points too.

I don’t know. It’s hard. Tony Stark is one cool brother, so I would definitely have to side with him just for the parties. Then when it came to the fight, I’d go over to Cap (laughs). Tony and I could party together, but as soon as it comes to fighting, I’m with Cap.

Either way, it seems pretty clear that Falcon will be joining the Captain when it all goes down. This is no surprise to fans, and all we can hope is that the rest of the movie stays as close to the source material as possible! Of course, knowing Marvel, they'll have enough accuracy to keep long-time fans happy, but there will be something new to tie in to everything else in their master plan.

Captain America: Civil War comes to theaters in 2016.


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