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The multi-talented Traci Hines has made a career capitalizing on her performing skills, taking her acting and singing abilities to the next level with a variety of amazing cosplay.

Seriously, I can't keep up with how many professions Hines has. According to her Facebook, she's a singer, songwriter, model, actress, voice actress, designer, Princess Performer, and the ORIGINAL Hipster Ariel IRL. That's a pretty impressive resume, and fortunately, her cosplay allows her to do many of these things at once! She uses her talents to turn herself into impressive versions of all of the classic Disney princesses.

So, are you interested to see some of her amazing creations?

Thought so! Here are some of my favorite Disney characters as imagined by the exceptionally gifted Traci Hines.

Alice in Wonderland

Starting off strong with this truly amazing make-up work that required a close-up to truly appreciate. The dripping gems are a nice touch, and this return to a whimsical, colorful Alice is more than welcome.


This is like that scene in Enchanted where Amy Adams emerges as a cartoon princess in the real world. Hines's Aurora looks like the character stepped right off the screen and into the Southern California sun.


Brunettes can sometimes have more fun, especially if they are avid readers with an admirable amount of empathy. Hines looks at home in the classic Belle gown (and it doesn't hurt that her eyes are so spot-on for the character).

Elsa and Anna

It's not every day that you see one person dress up as both Elsa and Anna. Hines has really perfected her Anna since recording a video for the song "Love Is An Open Door" in full costume!


Getting prepped for the live-action [Cinderella](movie:373064) movie, Hines shows us what the character would look like if they stuck to the original design.


Beautiful AND resourceful, Hines is sure to get the braided Rapunzel hair to make certain that it stays clean and off the ground. However, it does become less of a useful transportation tool, so there is a trade-off.

Snow White

She's even got the expression and pose down! This is the exact reaction that Snow White gives before scampering off into the woods. Impressive.



Hines clearly made the trip to Agrabah for this photo (taken right outside of the Cave of Wonders). Because of her drastic character design, this princess is SUCH a hard character to pull off, but Hines manages to create a realistic and recognizable Jasmine perfectly.

Lastly, some of her amazing versions of Ariel!

Ariel has become Hines's bread and butter, and there's really no question why. Here she is sporting the quintessential red hair and Ariel's poofy pink dress.

Sweet and wholesome in Ariel's daytime garb, it looks like she made a new a bird friend right on the shore. Typical Ariel making friends with all the friendly fauna.

Her status as Hipster Ariel IRL has gained Hines a legion of online fans, and in this photo she perfectly captures the over-it attitude with the appropriate look.

Saffels Photography
Saffels Photography

My personal favorite: SCARIEL. This zombified Ariel is incredibly original and just downright creepy. I'm dying to know the backstory here. My money's on one of her estranged sisters committing murder and Ursula turning to Necromancy to bring her back from the dead.

Now that you've seen her versatility, I bet you're feeling something like this:

But, it's more likely you're feeling like this:

If so, you have to check out Traci Hines on her various platforms including Facebook, DeviantArt, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and her personal website. Told you she was multi-talented.

What did you think of her extensive cosplay? Anyone else that you would really like to see?


Which Disney character would you like to see Traci Hines do next?


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