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I recently did a post showcasing the 50 best movie posters of the 70s but there were so many great posters from that decade that I felt compelled to add 50 more to the list of the greatest posters of arguably the greatest decade for film.

1.) Star Wars

The most iconic of the Star Wars posters, this is the one that was used in the initial 1977 release.

2.) Papillon

The film's title is French for "Butterfly," referring to Charrière's tattoo and nickname. Beautiful poster.

3.) Up in Smoke

The Stoner classic had a poster that will make you feel very funny!

4.) Serpico

Classic poster that hung on many a dorm room in the 70s and 80s!

5.) The Towering Inferno

Disaster poster that shows off the mega stars and the inferno!

6.) Carrie

The horror classic had a poster that chills to the bone!

7.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Clever poster for the all-time cult classic!

8.) Frenzy

French poster for Hitchcock's second to last film.

9.) Rocky II

A very cool and rare poster for the Rocky sequel.

10.) Heaven Can Wait

Birney Lettick's illustration for the Warren Beatty 1978 remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan.

11. The Long Goodbye

Mad Magazine's Jack Davis did the poster for Robert Altman's, The Long Goodbye.

12.) Star Trek The Motion Picture

This is Bob Peak's classic poster for the first Star Trek film.

13.) Pretty Baby

This controversial film from 1978 summed up the film with the tagline on the poster.

14.) What's Up Doc?

A feel good comedy from 1972, screwball comedy pretty much sums it up!

15.) The Hindenburg

Historical disaster film from famed director Robert Wise, beautiful illustration of the zeppelin used for the one sheet.

16. The Last Remake of Beau Geste

Marty Feldman's directorial debut, poster was as cartoonish as the movie and that's a good thing!

17.) Silver Streak

The very first Pairing of Wilder and Pryor!

18.) Bananas

Another Mad Magazine created movie poster!

19.) Uptown Saturday Night

An all-star cast marketed as a "blackspoitation" film but enjoyed by mainstream audiences.

20.) The French Connection

Photography done right, gritty poster for the 1971 academy award winning classic.

21.) Mahogany

Diana Ross melodrama, had a poster as campy as the film.

22.) Grizzly

The poster for the 1976 Jaws ripoff, also known as, "Jaws with Paws."

23.) Shampoo

Swinging Warren Beatty courts Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn among his many conquests in the very 70s movie, Shampoo.

24.) Bloody Mama

This B movie from Roger Corman had a very clever poster.

25.) Death on the Nile

1978 follow up to Murder On the Orient Express also used Richard Amsel's artwork to great success!

26.) Moonraker

The last Bond of the 70s had an eye-popping poster!

27.) Force Ten From Navarone

Action adventure at it's best!

28.) Slap Shot

A vibrant poster for the 1977 Paul Newman cult classic ice hockey film.

29.) Silent Movie

Master of the parody film, this was Mel Brooks' homage to all things silent movies.

30.) The Big Sleep

Beautiful one sheet again by Richard Amsel, forgettable film but stunning poster!

31.) The Wiz

This 1978 musical retelling of The Wizard of Oz was a flop at the time but is considered a classic now!

32.) The Driver

Walter Hill's moody thriller has a poster to match!

33.) Midnight Express

Harrowing film has a great poster that sets the tone of the film.

34.) Agatha

Putting the pieces together in the poster just like the film!

35.) The Muppet Movie

Colorful poster for the Muppets first film.

36.) North Dallas Forty

Great poster for the football classic, considered to be one of the best about the game!

37.) Saturday Night Fever

The first poster for the 70s disco classic, pretty much sums up the entire era!

38.) The Sugarland Express

Steven Spielberg's first theatrical film , the poster is as gritty as the film!

39.) Mean Streets

This hugely iconic poster did justice for one of Scorsese's first films!

40.) Westworld

A robotic and futuristic poster for this great sci-fi western.

41.) Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Spielberg hits it on the head again!

42.) The Mack

Great poster for the cult loved "blackspoitation" film.

43. Return of the Pink Panther

The great Peter Sellers returns!

44.) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Iconic poster and photograph of Jack Nicholson for the 1975 Oscar winning movie!

45.) Alien

One of the most iconic images in all of sci-fi.

46.) Somebody Killed Her Husband

No one was hotter in the 70s than Farrah, but for some reason her big screen starring debut flopped but had an undeniably sexy and well illustrated poster.

47.) Cabaret

German poster for Bob Fosse's directed Academy Award winning classic.

48.) The Great Waldo Pepper

The movie stars Robert Redford as a disaffected World War I pilot who missed the opportunity to fly in combat and his sense of dislocation post-war in the America of the early 1920s.

49.) Airport 1975

Probably the most campy of the disaster films of the 70s, just looking at the poster you can see why, again, that is a good thing!

50.) Soylent Green

Soylent Green is perfect and the poster is priceless.


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