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Hey there zombie-comedy fans! And yes, zombie-comedy is a legit genre now, at least it deserves to be! Anyway, were you guys excited when [Dead Rising: Watchtower](movie:1526835), the Crackle original film based on the popular Dead Rising videogame series was announced?

Alright control yourself now...
Alright control yourself now...

And were you a bit sad when it suddenly dropped off the face of the earth? No new news, no release dates, nothing!


Well prepare to get excited again because today we've been given an awesome first trailer and a release date!!

You can check out the awesome trailer below! Just a quick note: Watch this alone where you can scream for joy because of how wickedly great this trailer is! Or watch it with friends and get pumped together!

Looks amazing right? I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical about the quality of this film. It mainly had to do with it being 1) a videogame-to-film adaption and 2) a Crakle original film. Now that's nothing to do with Crackle itself, they're a wonderful studio and I've enjoyed their previous original content. But I'd rather Dead Rising get a theatrical release than a streaming one. As for the videogame-to-adaption problem, while Resident Evil has done well, some others have done...not so much.


Dead Rising: Watchtower will be available to stream on Crackle starting March 27th, 2015. It stars Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory and Rob Riggle!

Will you be watching it?


What do you think of the Dead Rising: Watchtower trailer?


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