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Amy Martin

Guys! Guys! The Hannibal season 3 trailer has landed, and you can check it out below! (Please be warned, this article and trailer contain MASSIVE spoilers for Hannibal season 2).

Squee!! Finally, we have an idea as to where [Hannibal](series:721010)'s season 3 will lead. The only problem? We have to wait SIX months to see the season premiere - and then for those of us in countries other than the US, it's going to be even longer! Siiigh. But all negativity aside, it looks like we're in for a pretty AWESOME third season of the gory crime show.

So while this trailer does tell us a lot about where the show will lead, it also keeps a lot of the plot secret. I'm going to guess that unfortunately Alana Bloom died from her injuries in the climactic season finale, but no sign of Jack Crawford at all - so what ever happened to him? Did he die without us knowing, and will we ever know, or will he make a sudden appearance in season 3 or 4? I'll guess we'll have to wait and find out - but I for one would definitely like to see him to return for a third season, as I think he's a central part of the series.

By the looks of things, Lecter has turned into an even darker character than he already was - and Will is out to get him arrested... or is he? I guess we never know with this show. Either Will is incredibly motivated to get revenge on Amanda (and possibly Jack's) killer, or he's just plain stupid. Either way, I'm sure it'll make for an action packed season.

Thing is, Will tells Hannibal that he forgives him. Lie? Truth? Does he still want to catch him so he can harm no one else, or does he want to aid Hannibal in his grizzly murders? Along with many other 'fannibals', I too am dying to find out just what happens (no pun intended!). I guess we'll have to wait to figure it out, but until then, I'm off to watch the trailer for a third time....

Where do YOU think the show will lead? Let me know in the comments!


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