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A few years ago, I was getting ready to go on a class trip to New York, giving me a chance to look at the new broadway shows that were playing. One of them happened to be "Ghost the Musical"

Way less porno looking doesn't it?
Way less porno looking doesn't it?

I wasn't going to see the show but after watching the trailer (for the musical) I was convinced that I needed to see this movie.

I actually ended up buying the movie for my mom for her birthday/mothers day (they're in the same month so I don't remember). But I remember I kept saying "if it's so good to be a broadway show, and it is known as 'one of the greatest love stories of all time' then it should be worth it".

Boy was I wrong.

My whole family ended up hating the movie, myself included. The graphics, the acting, everything just seemed to be wrong. But I loved the soundtrack to the musical so much that I decided to watch it again, at least three times, before I realized what was wrong:

The way the film was done.

And so, it got me thinking: We have perfectly good script, good story, but it just needs to be done right. I talked to my director friend and we decided that one day we would do a remake of this movie.

Now the casting I have chosen may or may not happen in the future when/if this project is to be completed as we are still in school and it probably won't be done until rights and stuff and these guys could be in retirement homes by the time we get everything to do it…

But, this is what I see as the perfect casting to Ghost from today's actors.

Josh Dallas as Sam Wheat

Patrick Swayze vs Josh Dallas
Patrick Swayze vs Josh Dallas

For the star of the movie, I can honestly say after watching Once Upon a Time and him worrying about his beloved Snow White, there is no one else I can see playing the role of the ghost himself. Can't you see this sweet face reaching out to his dead body in Molly's arms and his hand going through it? Maybe at the pottery wheel? Or punching a vase though his hands keep going through it?

Okay forget my really bad joke at the end (and throughout the rest of this article) but I can honestly see him doing everything Mr Swayze was doing in the film.

Okay imagine him looking down at his own body with that face…

But who will play his beloved Molly?

Ginnifer Goodwin as Molly Jensen

Okay, maybe I'm a little biased considering the hair… and that she is Josh's wife… and she plays Snow White in Once Upon a TIme meaning his wife in that show as well… and they have a baby together... But what better way to make chemistry than to have it already there?

I mean, how can you fake something like this?!

Just saying. On screen couples do movies as on screen couples again in other movies. Ask Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Or Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Seeing Ginnifer as Molly grieve over Josh as Sam would be something to definitely cry about, wouldn't it?… Watch Once Upon a Time you'll see it... and cry a lot.

Raven Symone as Oda Mae Brown

I know it's hard to imagine anyone else play Oda Mae other than Whoopie Goldberg, but can't you just see Raven giving you visions - I MEAN - readings of what the dead are trying to say? I know she may be a little young, and she hasn't done much acting for a while (the last thing I know she was in was actually when I saw her in Sister Act: The Musical… which now I remember Whoopie was in the movie as well… and I saw Raven playing her character… be jealous). I'm just saying, can't you see her deliver this line?

I can. I can.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Carl Bruner

Okay. Watching the movie the first time, I honestly already knew (and I'm sure everyone else watching did too) that he was the bad guy. Come on. He's awkward. He stammers. He has a face like that when you say something about Rita Miller. Come on.

Anyway, now that that's off my chest, after seeing JGL in a bunch of movies as the hero, I would love to see him play the villain. He has an unsuspecting face, he looks so innocent. I would write him off as the good guy before even knowing his alibi at a crime scene… which is exactly what we want you to think.

It's okay to cry.
It's okay to cry.

Soo! What do you guys think? Think my casting is awesome? Want to see my friend and I turn this into a reality? Have a better idea for casting? You think it's a too early reboot? *cough* Spider-man *cough*

Let me know in the comments below! :)


What do you think of the casting?


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