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The good folks at Moviepilot were kind enough to let me cover the 2015 Wizard World Portland Comic Con as a member of the press. Though the Con doesn’t official begin until January 23, there was a ‘Kicking off the Con’ media welcome party held the night before. It was a nice kickstart to the weekend, with plenty of food, beverages and R2D2, who took time to chat with me.

Lots of press were there, as were Jason David Frank and Lou Ferrigno. I didn’t get to meet them, but at least I got a photo with one of my idols…

I was also accosted by Ant-Man, who spotted my Rollerball T-shirt and suddenly challenged me: “Old one or new one?” I replied, “Old one, of course.” Then we fist-bumped as newly-kindered spirits, which made it easy to forgive him for whacking my face with one of his antennae...

Looking forward to the rest of the Con. More to come…

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