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Fans of the popular Military science fiction warfare game known as Halo have shown utmost loyalty to the game and it's creators but how exactly are fans of the game getting more than they bargained for? It was long speculated that fans of this popular video game series would eventually be treated to a film version but all that was offered up was the forward unto dawn movie which I really don't even count as a movie since the budget seemed cheap and not worthy of the game.What fans really want is a cinematic Halo film series with quality actors,a driven director, and a proper Budget.

Halo follows the character of master chief who is the main protagonist of the series who is experimented on from an early age and becomes a genetically engineered super soldier who is a high ranking officer in the Spartan military unit who battles against hostile alien forces such as the covenant.

There are many reasons that a cinematic Halo movie has not been made such as there would be no audience for the film, the film wouldn't do well at the box office, or that the budget couldn't match the film. the main reason though is due to the fact that Microsoft kind of micromanages Halo and kind of prevents the project from taking shape. Neil Blomkamp who is best known for his films like "district 9" and "Elysium" showed interest in making a Halo movie but it never came to fruition due to lack of vision and creative control over the property but now he is currently trying to do something new with "Alien" but could still be interested in Halo and the film applications of it. Sadly fans will have to wait until groups like Warner bros or Universal buy the film rights and make the film or at least until Microsoft decides to get its act together and do it themselves.


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