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Tim TheBeast Peace

As I heard about this upcoming project, however! for what I've read, its seems to be fifty to fifty change of successful plus senseful entertaining for us fans,but seriously Tell u the truth if the character "Jason" has been written scripted in the franchise, however the appearance, I'm not gonna lie its questionable,but myself he appeared in all films even it is or not a cameo appearance by the lake scene in the original ('80) flick,Now!if he is or not in this upcoming film! The beginning needs to be when Jason went to camp crystal lake,couple pranksters play a prank on him that gone horribly wrong, while unsupervised counselors have an intercourse each other,Jason death news shocked & evil turned the mother and the rest of the killing footage begins after ms. Voorhees received the news about her son's death,the final scene for this film needs to be from options #1:'final survivor(female camp counselor or local female civian) left the lake in a boat(classic) or life wraft or option #2:'final survivor' walking+drop down on her knees at edge of the lake and 'Jason'(w/decaying body like a zombie/dead corpse) rises up from the lake and dragged her underwater(film ending for standing edition) in either options, Jason rises from the look lake and dragged her down in the lake.(director's cut version) medical staff pulled and saved the survivor outta the lake from drowning,then later the police at the station,questioned her about what happened at the lake,then as usual the sheriff (turns his head to her and say) Boy! (Survivor)Jason! (sheriff)Jason! (Survivor)yes the boy at the lake!, (sheriff)ma'am we didnt find no boy at the lake, (survivor's face looked 'shock' and stunned while kept moving her head left & right then stopped in the middle)(film ends).


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