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On January 16th, Moviepilot gave me another awesome opportunity to interview famous actors and filmmakers. Last time, I attended a screening for Kingsman: The Secret Service, and met the director Matthew Vaughn as well as the stars of the film. Check out my Kingsman interview here!

Strange Magic is an animated musical made by Lucas Arts and Disney. I sat down with voice actors Alan Cumming, Evan Rachel Wood, Elijah Kelley, and the Star Wars legend himself...George Lucas!

Check out the interviews below!

As an aspiring filmmaker, meeting a director and producer like George Lucas is absolutely incredible. We discussed how he first came up with the idea for Strange Magic and how it feels to not be directing the Star Wars films anymore. Elijah Kelley, who plays Sunny, talked about how how creative the movie is and how he felt working with someone as imaginative as George Lucas.

When I asked Alan Cumming and Evan Rachel Wood what it was like to work on this project together, the answer they gave surprised me! Its crazy to think that two people can have conversations in an animated movie and you actually find out they never met. Also, Evan Rachel Wood wants to be in Star Wars! GEORGE CALL JJ ABRAMS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

All in all, the experience I had meeting the cast and George Lucas was amazing! To see my review of the film...CLICK HERE!

While this film is directed towards children, its definitely fun for all ages! "Strange Magic" hits theaters today, January 23rd!


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