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Yansong Li

UPDATE 8:07 PST: After doing some sifting through the trailers, I can indeed confirm that Ultron grabbed a somewhat similarly designed armor in the trailer (seen below), a design which commenters are saying is armor for another "Iron Legion", one might be used to help alleviate crime before Ultron showed up.


In an Instagram Photo published tonight, figurine maker Funko Pop!, which has recently been marketing its "Age of Ultron" products, released the above photo, which may have also inadvertently leaked out another Iron Man suit. In the photo, Funko shows its set of "Mystery Minis", all of which are familiar characters, given you have seen the first movie and trailers, as well as the Vision rumors, except for the new Iron Man armor, decked out in a mostly blue and silver design. Fans have been speculating that Tony Stark will actually employ a "stealth" armor in AOU, with the ability to turn invisible for brief periods of time, to fight against Ultron. Another possible theory is that Rhodey will receive yet another upgrade, and this will be the general design for his "War Machine/ Iron Patriot MK III armor.

What do you think? Does this mean that Stark will finally get sneaky to defeat the Avengers' toughest villain so far?

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