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Hello and welcome to the second series premier of my weekly 'Versus' articles where I try to clear up common arguments on who would win against whom in a fight from the comicbook universes of Marvel and DC. In this week's article I aim my sights on the to princes of precision: Deadshot vs. Bullseye.

Lets meet the combatants:

Deadshot (Pre-52)

Boom Boom
Boom Boom

Floyd Lawton. The man who's shot never misses. Floyd grew up in a wealthy family with his father, mother and brother (Edward) who was regarded as the best out of the two and treated Edward much better than Floyd. Floyd was very loyal to his brother, idolizing him. His father, however, was cruel and wicked to their mother to the point where to improve all of their lives Floyd's mother asked the brothers to murder their father. Although Floyd despised his father, he couldn't stand for it and tried to warn him but was discovered by Edward before succeeding and locked in the boathouse. Floyd escaped whilst grabbing a rifle. Edward had already shot the father in the library paralyzing him, Floyd aimed for his brothers hands from a tree outside before Edward could finish him off, just before Floyd fired the branch snapped causing him to lose his balance and shoot his brother between the eyes. Floyd later travelled to Gotham City as an adult to become a criminal. Afterwards he got defeated by the Bat and sent to prison. After he was released he trashed all morals he had thanks to Batman and truly became the villain Deadshot. The greatest marksman to have ever lived.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Expert Marksman: Supposedly never misses. Is proficient in every gun and can perform practically impossible shots including but not limited to: Shooting an apple of Captain Boomerangs head with his eyes closed, deliberately grazing a flying Enchantress to not kill her, hitting a bullseye on a dart board with four rebounds and not looking.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Deadshot has demonstrated above average ability as a combats-man but is far from an expert
  • Strategist and Leader: Deadshot has lead a few teams (most notably the Suicide Squad) on missions and has shown a high aptitude towards it.


  • Human: Although Deadshot can fire bullets he's not the best at taking them, he can survive, but has no meta-human biology
  • Close Combat: Deadshot can go close combat but is most comfortable at long range.



Not much is known about Bullseye. His name is Lester. He's crazy. That's about it. He first turned up in a military prison where he lied about his early life with the only shred of truth was that he set fire to his house as a child. Lester had an outstanding aim and was suggested to try his hand as a pitcher in baseball. He did. He got bored. He threw the ball at the batsman, killing him. He joined in the war effort and was caught in a fight against an enemy. His gun jammed. He threw the gun. Killing the enemy. It's around here that Lester thinks he can make money and becomes a mercenary quickly gaining a reputation as a man who can turn anything into a deadly weapon which drew the attention of Daredevil. The first man ever to defeat him, forming an eternal rivalry between the two. To this day Bullseye is one of the deadliest assassins in the Marvel Universe

Powers and Abilities:

  • Durability: Bullseye has had strips of adamantium fused to his skeleton and spine, making his bones virtually indestructible
  • Supreme Physical Conditioning: His body is trained to practically that of an olympic athlete.
  • Acrobat: His very flexible and has shown comfortability in complicated aerial maneuvers
  • Expert Marksman: Can not only turn anything into a lethal projectile but hit with fatal accuracy from great distance
  • Master Martial Artist: Aside from his weapons mastery he's also a master combats man able to use many varied forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat techniques
  • Weapons Proficiency: Trained to be very well refined in all manner of weapons firearms or otherwise


  • Unprepared: Due to Bullseye being a bit freelance, the downside is that his battle style is mostly improvisation

Who I Think Would Win?



Although I believe Deadshot is a better character Bullseye would come out on top in this showdown. From a distance it's almost a stalemate, they both won't miss but Bullseye can survive it with his bones whereas Deadshot can't. So Deadshot (as one who thins ahead) decides the best possible a is to go close and try and take him down. But in that instance Deadshot doesn't stand a chance. Bullseye is a much better fighter and can literally turn every single object in ten meters into a lethal weapon which would kill Deadshot. So, sorry bruv, but Bullseye is victorious.

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Who do you think would win?


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