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An action thriller centered on a woman who faces down assassins sent by her ex, a mob boss, while holed up in her apartment.

First of all…


I’ll be honest; I had never heard of this film before being asked to review it but I watched the trailer and was instantly interested.

The story gets started pretty much straight away, with action scenes that escalate gradually throughout the film and even some funny scenes and some that pull at the heartstrings.

Two things I loved most about this film is that Everly is just a normal woman, who just happens to be stuck in some bad circumstances. So she’s no weapons expert and you see that in the beginning. I also loved that the whole movie takes place within Everly’s apartment. In a couple of small scenes we venture out into the hallway, but other than that there are no big flashy sets, just one quaint apartment.

Salma Hayek is amazing in this, probably the best thing I’ve seen her in - Dogma is a close second. The cast is large but aside from the main star, Hayek, and save for a handful of others, the cast is mostly unknown or smaller actors. No one is on screen for too long but all still manage to deliver an awesome performance, no matter the size of their roles.

It does contain some dark themes and does include some gruesome, yet pretty awesome death scenes with tons of blood.

An awesome action filled, kick-ass movie everyone should go see! Everly is one film that I will most certainly be buying on Blu-ray!

Make sure to catch Everly in select theaters February 27th. But if you'd like to see it now, check it out through Video On Demand!

AUTHORS NOTE: I’m very fortunate to have gotten to review this movie before it’s release and I would like to thank Andrew Marco, the Moviepilot team, and the Everly team for the opportunity.


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