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Mark Newton

Who would win in a fight between a fire-breathing dragon and a Boeing AH-64 Apache gunship?

It's a question I've certainly been asking myself - usually while laying in bed at 4am in an insomnia induced delirium.

Luckily, the Smithsonian Channel is here to answer that question by providing us with a rather bizarre animation in which a dragon squares off with an Apache helicopter. But before we see the results, let's have a quick vote. Who do you think would win?


Who would win in a battle between a dragon and an apache?

So, why does this actually exist? I have no idea. Just know that it does.

So, the results are in and it seems that in the battle between fantasy beast and technological death machine its an even draw, with each party chalking up on kill. I suppose that will appease both dragon and apache enthusiasts.

Let's go over the highlights again.

First, the dragon creates a spontaneous apache flambé

While the apache finally scores a kill through spamming its missiles

So, what have we learned here people?

I honestly have no idea, but I am now kind of in the mood to watch Reign of Fire...


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