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The Warner Bros. animated classic The Iron Giant is a film that was wholly unappreciated by the studio when it was made. Released with a sub-par advertising campaign, it was a box office bomb despite receiving fantastic reviews from critics.

Can't remember it? Watch the trailer to jog your memory:

Almost 16 years later the film has sort of graduated to cult animated classic status, and this year Mondo is even releasing an awesome Iron Giant Deluxe Figure which is available for pre-sale from January 22nd.

The Iron Giant was directed by Brad Bird as his feature film directorial debut. Since then, Bird has gone on to do Pixar blockbusters like The Incredibles and Ratatouille, and is one of the most sought after directors around.

Mondo managed to track down Brad Bird and capture his response to the figure, and I think you'll agree it's quite amazing. Take a look:

Source: Mondo
Source: Mondo

Looking on in admiration, the figurine even sports his Superman 'S.' Every Iron Giant fan knows that the Giant identifying with his hero Superman is something that comes back in the truly heart wrenching (but also heartwarming) ending of the film:

You ARE Superman, Iron Giant!

Source: Mondo
Source: Mondo

Bird checked out the tiny Hogarth Hughes, who is dressed in the clothes that he wears in the film, and his jacket got the seal of approval from Bird. Brad Bird also commented on one of the accessories - the Giants detached hand, which comes from this scene in the film:

The director seems like he fondly remembers the scenes, saying that they called the sequence 'hand under foot.'

Source: Mondo
Source: Mondo

After thoroughly checking out the figure and all its accessories the director responded with a hearty "I want one!" Just check out that face! That's a man who still loves that character even over a decade later.

To view the whole video of Brad Bird with The Iron Giant figure take a look over here.

What is your favorite Brad Bird animated film? Tell me in the comments below!

Source: iO9, Mondotees


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