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Kingdom Hearts has had quite an intriguing development as a series over the years. But it seems that the potential for change with Kingdom Hearts 3 will blow all of the other titles out of the water. There's a lot that we can expect can from KH3 on its release date for Xbox One and PS4, though unfortunately it's been a while since we've heard any news regarding its progression.

But there's one aspect of the games that have always divided fans and reviewers of the franchise and that's the game's difficulty levels. They really can hop around when you compare the likes of Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts one. So I wonder which pattern Square Enix will follow for their upcoming release and which style would you prefer?

Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3
Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3

Difficulty Level in Kingdom Hearts 3

I'm just about to finish Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remix, as I'm just battling Riku for the second time when he has all of his dark magic going on. And I really am surprised by how difficult or should I say challenging the game can be. That was one aspect of the title that a number of gaming platforms criticised on the release of Kingdom Hearts.

For a game that's about beautiful Disney characters and young Japanese kids interacting with them, it can really make you want to tear your hair out at times. Naturally, Square Enix heard these grievances and adapted the rest of their games to be a little more friendly. But seeing as the whole world has started making their games easier so as not to remove some of their potential customer base, I wonder if Kingdom Hearts 3 will follow suit with the rest of the world?

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

I've seen some videos that have criticised how easy Kingdom Hearts 2 became, as the players were despairing over the loss of those boss battles that took them an hour to beat. Personally, when it comes to the end of that hour, I feel like my controller is going to fly out of the window of my apartment. I mean I'm a man who loves his Dark Souls, but I'm not so sure if this kind of difficulty suits this landscape.

There's always the harder option for those that desire a bit more of a challenge, but I felt the difficulty in Kingdom hearts 2 was a good match for the series. But maybe that's just me. What do you Kingdom Hearts fans think? Do you want Square Enix to go back to the old days or stick with the style of KH2? And do you think we'll say anything as crazy as this in Kingdom Hearts 3?!

Star Wars Keyblades!!
Star Wars Keyblades!!

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