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Thought that the Arrow/The Flash crossover a few weeks back was the coolest televisual superhero crossover you'd ever see? Well, from the sounds of Stephen Amell's latest comments in an interview with Collider, we ain't seen nuthin' yet:

"I thought that they were two of the best scripts that either show has ever put forward. The logistical elements of it were something that we had to figure out, as we moved along, but I think that everybody did a great job, and that future cross-overs will be even bigger and better and smoother."

After all, when Arrow himself reveals that the next crossover(s) "will be even bigger and better," I'm inclined to believe him.

What Will We See in the Next Crossover, Though?

Well, that's where Amell's other comment might just prove illuminating. Speaking about the relationship between the two heroes, Amell highlighted the fact that:

"There’s just something about the chemistry between [Grant and I], and the differences between the characters, where we each get to shine a light on the other one, and I think that light is always really illuminating."

Now, that might just be Amell's polite way of saying 'crossovers are cool, huh?' - but when it comes to the comic-book versions of Green Arrow and The Flash, those differences he spoke about have always completely defined their relationship.


Comic-Book Green Arrow and Flash DO NOT Get Along

And by don't get along, I mean they've argued about everything from racial discrimination, to politics, to honesty, all the way down to, back in 1999, who was better friends with Green Lantern...

The Flash, as it turned out...
The Flash, as it turned out...

Now, there's no particular reason to suspect that the level of conflict the duo have in the comics is likely to come to their television crossovers - after all, the series' heroes are more divided by their levels of experience as superheroes than by any particular political beliefs - but it's still interesting to hear from Amell that the duo's differences are likely to still come into play.

Are we set to see more (awesome) fight sequences, like the one we saw just a few weeks back, then?

It's hard to be sure - but in the meantime, I'll just leave this here, shall I?

What do you guys think, though? What would you like to see happen in the next Arrow/The Flash crossover?

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