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Remember Bratz? Those dolls marketed as having a "passion for fashion" and that were just so sassy and hip?

Well, as cool as they were, they also clearly wore far too much makeup, totally inappropriate clothing and were definitely WAY too hyper-sexualized for their target age group.

For decades, little girls (and boys!) buzzed to the popular dolls like bees to honey, probably wondering why they also hadn't grown such perky boobs, couldn't have such toned midriffs and those huge kissable pouty lips on their own human-sized heads.

Naturally, many people found the Bratz message very troubling and there was an uproar that such toys were even allowed to be on the shelves.

I mean, c'mon, look at them. If they don't encourage preteen insecurities, I don't know what does:

A positive role-model for impressionable young girls? I think not.

And this one just looks like a hooker. Absolutely NOT okay for a 5 year-old to play with.

Thankfully, Australian artist Sonia Singh has taken all this into account and re-created the sexy dolls, stripping away their over-the-top make up, provocative attire and unattainable body shape.

Speaking of her project 'Tree Change Dolls,' she says:

These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated from op-shops and tip shops around Tasmania. These lil fashion dolls have opted for a "tree change," swapping high-maintenance glitz 'n' glamour for down-to-earth style. I hand repaint the dolls faces, mold new shoes, and my Mum sews and knits their clothing.

So let's check them out:

Without make-up, they just look so innocent and wholesome, playing in nature just as kids should!

Just look at those cute knits!

To achieve the results, Singh was careful to repaint the face, re-condition their super glossy hair and mould new shoes.

Earth-child Bratz doll. Love it!

I bet this one is definitely into recycling and sipping green smoothies every morning.

Don't get me wrong, the originals were super fun but personally, I think that stripping down these Bratz to their makeup less core is a brilliant way to re-evaluate our ideas of the kind of toys young kids should be playing with.

It's just insane how much of a difference taking off all that lipstick and eyeshadow makes.

And do you know the best part?

There's an Etsy store on it's way where you can buy these creations to bring out the wholesome, nature-loving inner-child within you.

What do you guys think? Will you be buying one?


Do you think these Bratz Dolls look better?


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