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Karly Rayner

While supernatural chillers obviously have their merits, you just can't beat a ridiculous horror movie death!

But can you guess which films these horribly mangled corpses come from?

I'm guessing some sort of exceptionally brutal blunt force trauma obliterated most of this young lady, but do you remember which movie saw her meet her doom?

ANSWER: The Final Destination. This is the mangled corpse of Nadia Monroy after she has a bit of a run in with a flying tyre.

And this is why we don't run with scissors.

ANSWER: Scream 4. It's hard to forget Cody Landman's brutal death in a hurry.

I have a feeling this isn't a routine medical procedure.

ANSWER: My Bloody Valentine 3D is not a horror movie you want to go to hospital in.

Just like peeling a gross-ass fleshy banana.

ANSWER: Dead Snow proves Nazi's still win when it comes to a nice bit of savage brutality. Especially when they're zombies.

At least she went out with dignity.

ANSWER: Pieces, the 1981 slasher classic saw this poor lady getting more than she bargained for in the toilet.

Mr. Grey! I think you've gone a bit far with your kinky S&M this time, mate.

ANSWER: Hellraiser. How could anyone forget pervy old Frank being torn into fleshy globules by this elaborate chain system.

I guess it's a bit late to get your autograph now. Balls.

ANSWER: House of Wax. That time when Paris Hilton got poled like she's never been poled before?


So, be honest, how many did you get right?


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